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Open House at La Casa – “One month rent-free…”

Are you looking for a place to live next year?  Not sure if you want to live on campus or save a little money by

La Casa Student Housing Scholarship

La Casa Student Housing Scholarship While it is understood that students and families have the primary responsibility of paying for higher education, sometimes a family's

Are you a college student looking for a place to live?

Consider La Casa Student Housing if you seek a different college living experience: a living learning community exclusively for college students. La Casa is student

Meet La Casa at New Futuro’s College Prep Fair on Saturday, November 10

La Casa Student Housing and New Futuro are joining forces to improve the educational prospects of Latino families. We invite you to visit New Futuro and

Innovative student housing model to address college dropout rate

The Resurrection Project launches La Casa, an innovative community-based college dormitory designed to increase the likelihood of college success by providing affordable housing, internship placement,