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Application Process

Student Housing Applications are being accepted!

Great news! La Casa Student Housing Applications are being accepted for the new academic year. However, space is limited, and we do encourage you to send it in as early as you can.

Students must qualify to live at La Casa, co‐ed rooms and family housing is not available. To begin the application process see the steps below.

Steps to become part of the La Casa living and learning community:

Are you a recent high school graduate or undergraduate‐level college student?
Are you in pursuit of your first bachelor’s degree?
Are you willing to live with a roommate?
Will you maintain a full‐time college enrollment status during your residence
at La Casa?
Are you interested in mentorship and internship opportunities?

NOTE:  To live at La Casa, the college or university you attend must be accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and be a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

If you answered yes to all these questions, you are pre‐qualified! Proceed to step 2:

La Casa Student Housing
Attn: Director of La Casa
The Resurrection Project
1818 S. Paulina Ave
Chicago, IL 60608



Undergraduate Students

Only undergraduate level students in pursuit of their first bachelor’s degree are considered for residency at La Casa. Students must maintain full‐time enrollment status at a degree‐granting, accredited two‐ or four‐year college or university to maintain eligibility for housing. Students who are currently enrolled at a community college must be working towards and have the intent of completing their first bachelor’s level degree.

Information Sessions

Information sessions will be hosted throughout the next few months at the La Casa Resource Center on weekdays and weeknights, and on some weekends. To schedule a visit or to attend an open house event, e-mail us at or call (312) 880-1889.

What to expect in the La Casa application form

Applications are reviewed in date order based on the date the file is complete. Please ensure you complete and submit all required parts of the application to avoid processing delays.

The La Casa Student Housing Application is considered complete when all required signatures, application fee, and supporting documents are received.

  • Submit a complete application with all required signatures. Choose one:

La Casa Student Housing Application, 2017-2018

La Casa Student Housing Application for International Students

  • Submit proof of income.

Student applicants who receive income, must attach 2016 tax forms as proof of income or alternate proof of income as specified by TRP Property Management. In the case of students who are under the age of 18 or are considered “dependent” for FAFSA purposes, attach 2016 tax forms or other proof of income for the student and for the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

  • Submit a copy of the financial aid award letter from the college that you plan to attend.

A student that plans to use financial aid programs to pay for La Casa Student Housing, must submit a copy of the financial aid award letter supplied by the college that the student plans to attend while living at La Casa Student Housing. The letter spells out the details of the financial aid offer made by the college for the academic year.

Participation and Engagement

Students who live at La Casa are expected to participate in the La Casa Living‐Learning community.

Roommate Match Survey Form

As part of the application process you are required to complete a roommate match survey form. You can also indicate on the form if you have a roommate you would like to live with. The other individual must do the same in their survey. Remember there are no co-ed rooms at La Casa and no family housing.

Room Assignment

La Casa is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, disability or other factors when making room assignments. La Casa reserves the right to change the room assignment of a student at any time, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, and to consolidate vacancies. La Casa will attempt to honor all roommate requests based on availability.

Special Accommodations Request

La Casa provides accommodations to qualified students as required by state and federal law. You must submit the Request for Reasonable Accommodations Form, verifying that the request is related to your disability and is necessary to access, maintain, or have full use and enjoyment of housing, with your housing application. Please note that if you family to provide the Request for Reasonable Accommodations Form or apply after May 1, your request may not be processed or provided in a timely manner. Special accommodation requests are not guaranteed and can be denied. To request the Reasonable Accommodations Form, please contact the La Casa Director.

Housing Information

The student must read all housing information provided before signing the housing contract. If the student is under 19 years of age, parent or guardian must also read all housing information provided before signing the housing contract.

Complete Applications

Only complete applications will be considered. Applications will be accepted until all rooms have been assigned.

La Casa Housing Agreement (Lease)

By signing a La Casa Housing Agreement (Lease), a student/parent guarantees payment and understands and is obligated to abide by the terms that are outlined. It is a binding contract for the full academic year (fall and spring semester) or that portion which remains when a student/parent contracts to enter La Casa after the fall opening date.

Payments & Charges

The student resident agrees to pay La Casa the applicable room charges according to Housing Lease Contract, including the advance payment and any required deposits or fees, when submitting the signed contract. Student utilizing financial aid will submit all required paperwork and statements.

Moving into La Casa

A student's right to occupy the space assigned begins no earlier than 8:00 am on the designated date of opening and will terminate at 5:00 pm on the contractual day of course conclusion.
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