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La Casa Student Housing Program Update

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, October 14, 2019 — Over the last 5 months, La Casa (dormitory and resource center buildings) have served multiple mixed use purposes allowing TRP to better serve the community. We’ve converted a space in the dormitory building into a community pop-up shop for our breast cancer awareness and support initiative, ELLAS (En La Lucha A Sobrevivir). As the program continues to expand and grow, it utilizes space throughout the complex for various trainings and activities for breast and cervical cancers survivors in addition to its pop-up shop operations.
The majority of our office and support staff is now housed in La Casa allowing us to run programs and initiatives more efficiently. Additionally, this gives our clients the ability to access multiple TRP services from one centralized location including financial literacy education, foreclosure prevention, real estate services, affordable housing programs and other community initiatives. This reorganization has also allowed us to provide office space to community partner organizations that we incubate and support such as Illinois Business Immigration Coalition, Partnership for New Americans and Healthy Illinois Coalition. The resource center has experienced an increase in activities including hosting more community meetings, events, computer literacy classes, leadership trainings and home purchase education workshops. The organization continues to provide college persistence programming and recently launched a paid internship program that provides professional development, career readiness and mentorship to students.
Currently, there are no set long-term plans for use of La Casa and no plans to sell the property. In the coming months, we will begin to plan and explore opportunities to repurpose the property to serve and benefit the community. Further updates will be provided as they become available.
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, March 25, 2019 —  During the last six years, TRP’s La Casa Student Housing program has focused on college access and completion for first-generation students through affordable housing, support services, and one-on-one assistance. Our program participants have worked diligently towards a post- secondary degree, financial independence and professional development. We are proud of all the remarkable accomplishments that our students have been able to achieve.
Unfortunately, low program participation and a lack of adequate funding have made operating components of our existing program increasingly challenging and unsustainable. Due to these challenges, TRP has made the difficult decision to conclude the housing portion of the program in June of 2019.
TRP will honor all leasing agreements and programming services through the 2018-2019 academic year. Additionally, the organization has been assisting and supporting current students in need of identifying new housing options for the fall academic year.
The organization remains committed to providing college readiness services. As such, TRP will offer students a career internship and college persistence programming starting in the fall of 2019. Currently there are no set long-term, permanent plans for the dormitory building. For the time being, the building will serve as mixed-use office space. Further updates will be provided as they become available.
Lastly, we would like to thank our donors, volunteers and partners for their generous support throughout the years that made this program possible.

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